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Maritime Culture

  • 3F Maritime Culture
  • Life at the sea
  • Maritime Culture
  • The exhibition has been organized along the themes
    of maritime religions and the traditional fishery techni
    -ques and methods that were commonplace among
    communities who derived their livelihood from the sea.

Permanent Exhibition Map

Exhibition Theme

Exhibition Theme
The channel to
maritime culture
characteristics of Korean maritime culture are introduced.
Mago Grandmother
The birth myths of the Korean peninsula related to the sea (Mago Grandmother,
Seolmun Great Grandmother, etc.)are used as the motif of the rest lounge
Rituals in Korea to
induce a big catch of
Various rituals employed that sought to induce a big catch of fish including
Ddibaetnori in Wido Island*, Byeolsingut and Yeongdeunggut.
* Wido Ttibaennori (was designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Asset 82-3
on February 1st, 1985.) : a communal ritual to pray for peace of town and a big catch
in Wido island on every January 3rd.
Fishery culture in each
The sea (fishing), mud flat (salt pond, boiled salt, etc.)and the island (anchovy
catching) are shown in diorama, and real fishing tools are exhibited.