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Exhibition on Each Floor

  • Learning the ocean
    On the second floor, we have the Children’s Museum where you can see performances for kids
    along with a variety of experience-based activities under the theme of the ocean and the
    environment. You can easily access to several convenient facilities for family visitors,
    including a nursing room and picnic room. You may also want to check out colorful exhibitions
    on various topics in addition to the ocean and marine environment in the special exhibition hall.
  1. 1Special Exhibition Hall
    A multi-purpose exhibition hall that can hold various kinds of special exhibitions. Various special exhibitions will be
    held in cooperation with domestic and overseas museums, maritime research institutes, etc.
  2. 2Children’s Museum
    Exhibition Theme : The Sea and Environment (centering around a performance theater space).
    The museum will help children easily understand the sea and environment by experiencing and seeing actual items.
  3. 3The Central Hall
    An architectural design that combines and infuses the shape of both a fan and the Panokseon – a combat boat
    used during the Joseon Dynasty to express the dynamism of the marine environment.